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Our Leadership


Timothy Allison

Senior Pastor

Tim was born in Freeport, Illinois, but has always had ties to Bloomington. From middle childhood onward, he lived with his father in the Bloomington area. As a young adult, he returned to his hometown of Freeport, where he was eventually transformed by the Gospel at the age of 22. Immediately following, God burdened Tim’s heart to return to Bloomington, where he served under his father, the late Arthur Allison, at the Living Word Ministries (LWM). In 2011, after his father passed away, Tim was elected Pastor of the LWM. In September 2011, Tim married Renee Watson, also a native of Bloomington.

During his first year as a Pastor at the LWM, Tim felt there was a need for something more, but was unsure of what that was at the time. Around 2015, he shifted his focus toward understanding and developing a Gospel-centered community with a missional focus. Along this journey, Tim is currently pursuing a Sahafe Haymanot (M.Div.) from Meachum School of Hamanot. 

Renee Allison

Worship Leader

With a passion to worship God, Renee leads the praise team every Sunday morning. She is the wife of Pastor Timothy Allison and the mother of three children, all members of the congregation. Renee obtained her Bachelors and in Human Services and  Masters in Organizational Leadership at Lincoln Christian University.


Eric Myer


Eric has served the church community for 14 years. Eric and his wife and children have been blessed to learn, serve, and grow in Christ. Eric am honored to be apart of the leadership team here at Reconcile Church in serving God and his children in His ministry of reconciliation

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