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Pray for CJ, Cordaiz, and Martha.......



Karen will be having surgery on the 4th of March. Pray that the Lord heals her of the cancer.


Friend in hospital

I have a friend who told me Thursday that he had to go to the hospital and start dialysis. Please pray for his healing.


Praises and Prayers

Praises that the Lord is working in our family and in our business.

Pray that He continues to knit our family together in love.

Pray that He brings Aelsa work and provides financially for our family during this time.


Pray for Jobe

My high school wrestling buddy's son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and is in the children's hospital in Memphis. Please pray for his healing and his family's peace.


Health Challenges

Aunt Lettye is the sister of Joyce

Brown (Georgia) and Bishop James (Rockford) and they all love the Lord. She is mostly bed ridden but her faith is to the Most High God. If my family ever needed the Lord, we sure do need him now!
Lord God I pray for your healing power for all your children.
(Carolyn Singleton)


Health Challenges

This is my Uncle who lives in Rockford. He is experiencing daily pain in his hands and cramps in his legs. He has been pastoring and praying most of his life and now I'm asking for the prayers of the righteous because I know that pray changes things and avail much. He is also the brother of Joyce Brown who lives in Georgia.
Submitted by Carolyn Singleton

Bishop Leonard

Health Challenges

Please pray for my Aunt Joyce. She lives in Georgia but God is everywhere. She is the oldest relative and have been to the emergency room twice. She is now seeing a cardiologist and need our prayers and God's healing hands.



Cancer was totally removed! No chemo or radiation needed!
Prayer works and was VERY appreciated.
Praise be to our Heavenly Father for ALL he does for us!


Latarsha Hobbs

Keep Latarsha Hobbs in your prayer she loss her loved one, Robert Rogers Jr on Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023.


Prayer for healing

Robert Rogers needs prayer for healing and peace



Plz Pray for strength, and Healing and God's protection for Cordaiz Jones



Praise the lord that Jeff got through his prostate cancer surgery and is home. Doc says they got it all. Pray that means he will NOT have to do chemo or radiation.


Casey/James Family

Keep them in our prayers as they have lost a son in Carson.



Please pray for my Uncle that God would heal his body and his spirit. He has heart issues.


Newly passed away daughter

Please pray for the mother Harriet Scott as her and her family go through this difficult time with the newly passing of her daughter.


Lost (passed away)Daugher

Erica Jeffrey

Prayer: ear/jaw/facial pain

Prayer for my pain. I’ve had what I thought was a chronic ear infection but it isn’t. Doctors started treating me for allergies but it’s so much more intense than seems reasonable. Im going to try to get into an emergency dentist to get them to look into TMJ. In the meantime, I am in a lot of pain and struggling to focus on work and Vera while I deal. Thanks for praying, family 😭


Husband passed

Please pray that God give comfort and peace to my friend whose husband (Jerry) passed away. She's going through many health challenges and she depended on her husband a lot. God knows how much we can bear and he is our strength.


Prayer needed

Please pray for Donnie and his parents. This child was rushed to Children's Memorial Hospital. He has Diabetes and his reading was at 700. They lossed their first son Earnest to cancer at 10 years old and this child is about 8 or 9 years old. His parents are very distressed. We believe God for healing and comfort to this family in Jesus name.


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