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Pray for her health

Need two hip replacements. One replacement is done. Asking for full and speedy recovery. Second surgery not scheduled yet.


Eli broke his wrist

Please pray that Eli's surgery(Thursday 5/18) goes well and has a healthy recovery.



Asking for prayer for the loss of her son and sister and her daughter (Alliyah) who attempted suicide. This mother is going through right now and is asking for our prayers.



Suicide Attempt

Please pray for peace of mind for Alliyah who is deeply troubled by her brother who committed suicide and her aunt who was murdered by her husband and the took his own life. She is hurting and grieving.



Ashley Smith

Our good friend Ashley Smith was hospitalized last week for pain and weakness. A mass was found to be the cause. She will have surgery at the end of the month. Please pray that her body is strong enough for the surgery, and the mass is benign. Ask the Lord that she makes a speedy, full recovery.


Granddaughter's surgery.

My Granddaughter Dylan,is three years old and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I am asking for prayers for a safe and successful surgery and a speedy recovery 🙏🏾



I have an interview next Friday with the city of Bloomington! Pray if this is what God has in store for me that this interview goes well.


Please pray

Needing continued prayer: Please pray for a song that is for me because I feel like I have been left behind and forgotten by God and like I don’t fit anywhere. Pray God remove all hurt, anger, hatred, regret, shame, bitterness and resentment. Pray against a spirit of suicide and wanting to die. Pray for complete healing, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation with God. Pray every curse completely break, every demon flee, and that God provide for the deepest longing of my heart. Pray God answer the questions on my heart, and fix what’s wrong, touch, restore and heal me in Jesus name. Pray for love, hope, freedom and faith. Pray for breakthrough regarding the healing of my womb, body and mind and miracles of God’s perfect provision regarding the longing of my heart. Pray God come quickly, move the mountains, break strongholds, and pour out his Holy Spirit.


Pray for healing

Please pray for my cousin who was trapped in a house fire and severely burned. She is a beautiful young lady and has asthma. The smoke from the fire has hindered her breathing and her lungs are swelling. Please pray for complete restoration and healing for her and her family in Jesus Name.



Praise got that I was not hurt in an accident today, and pray that God helps me see the path through all this.



We want to praise God that nobody was hurt Monday when I was in a minor accident and that the doctors and I have a plan for moving forward!


Loss of son

Please pray for my friend who is still grieving for the death of her son. Pray that God gives her peace and comfort. She's in Oklahoma but God is everywhere.
Submitted by Carolyn Singleton


Prayer update for baby Zoe

Zoe is making progress. She needs prayer for complete healing.


headache and pain

I want to give praise for our church and the prayers I know are being sent to Our Lord for me as I have had some moments of relief. But my migraines and nerve pain in my hands and arms still persist. Please thank Jesus for my good days and pray they begin to outnumber the bad ones. Please also pray for me to remain positive and smiling, remembering that there is great joy, hope and love found only in Our Savior.


Health problems

Relief from daily pain in her body.



Herbie Shaw is requesting prayer. She is currently having heart problems along with other health challenges. Pray for her daughter Jerrita who needed overseeing and care while her mother was hospitalized.



pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy's eyesight, nasal cavity, grief, loss, lonliness, emotional trauma, and center of consciousness and she needs a good nights sleep with a healing cup from Jesus and flower of life healing and millions of angels. I lift up David Bird for health and happiness and Maya Bradshaw and Pauline Lowe and Nicoletta Rogers health.



Please pray for complete healing. Mrs. Jones is in the hospital and have been seeking medical help for a very long time. Praying that Dr. Jesus give wisdom and guidance to all who is overseeing her care.



Pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy grief loss loneliness and heal emotional trauma and restless leg syndrome and stop suicidal thoughts and stop schizophrenia



pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy emotional trauma by miracle and gods comfort, and heal grief, lonliness, loss and stop suicidal thoughts and stop schizophrenia.


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