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Rest and Reflections

We will suspend all services the week of July 24th-July 30th. We will resume service Sunday July 31th. This is not a time to catch up on sleep or to finally clear out your emails. We are spending this time to intentionally and actively rest in the Lord. We will do this by setting aside 1hr each day to be with the Lord (reading the Scriptures, praying, worship, etc). Also each day will have a reflection and an activity. This can be included in your hour. You can do this alone or with others.


Sunday- His Vastness

Think of 1 things that reminds you of the true vastness of God. (Sunset, oceans, his provision for you, etc). Write down what emotions this reflection evokes?

Monday- His Sovereignty. God is in control of all things. Write down 1-3 things that you've been trying to control and pray that God will show you how to trust Him in these matters.

Tuesday- His Mercy. We all deserve the wrath of God. However, He has given us His mercy instead. Reflect on God's mercy today. Think of ways you can extend mercy to others who you may feel to be deserving of your wrath

Wednesday- God's Will. We all have dreams and desires. What good is it to obtain those things without God's direction. At best they will be empty pursuits that are lead by selfish motives. Today take your desires to God and ask Him to align your will with His will. Think about the things that you are currently doing and how you can use them for the Kingdom!

Thursday- His Providence. God cares for is people. Reflect on your life and the ways in which you've seen God's care for you. Write down 2-5 of those reflections

FridayThe Sufficiency of His Grace. 2 Corinthians 12:9. God's grace is enough for you. What has you been worried, afraid, or shamed? Reflect on the sufficiency of His grace today. Write how believing this has changed your perspective on those other things.

Saturday- His Love. God's love reaches both the believer and the non-believers. Today call, text, or email atleast 1 person from our church and 1 person you've been praying for. This should be a quick encouragement to those people. This means that each person should give and receive some encouragement/love today!


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