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Coronavirus Update and Precautions 

Reconcile Family, I am writing this letter in response to the recent global concern of the Coronavirus Virus. There are just a few things that I would like to address. 1. Use Wisdom Regardless of how we may feel about the current events that are taking place we must be wise. Make sure to follow the suggested hygienic precautions. As stores are running very low on supplies try to get some things that you and your family may need until the stores supplies are replenished. 2. Have Faith Whenever fear is present the opportunity to exercise faith is present as well. This does not mean that we do not take the necessary precautions. Nor does it mean that we do not prepare in ways that we should. However it does mean that in the face of fear we are reminded of the limitations and frailty of this world. We are also reminded of the ultimate hope that we have in God. 3. Remain Prayful It is easy for the anxieties of life to overtake us at times. When we search the Scriptures we see time and time again that they point us to a place of hope in the midst of uncertainty. God has given us an open line of communication with Him! Use it daily. Pray for our world, our nation, our city, and our families. 4. Guard your Witness Regardless of your particular view of this situation we ought to be respectful of the views of others. We do not have to agree with them but we must be respectful towards others. It is in moments like these that the Body of Christ can be a light to the world. Try to think of some ways you can be a blessing to someone during all of this. What About Church? We will have our Worship Service this Sunday at its regular time. However we are taking some extra precautions. 1. The Sanctuary will be sanitized beforehand 2. We will cancel the in-service fellowship portion of our Worship Service 3. We are asking parents to keep there children with them at all times 4. If you are sick please remain at home A Few other things 1. For those who are at home our Service will be streamed via Facebook on Reconcile’s FB page 2. Also you can still give online at our website For His Glory Pastor Tim

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